Officers and Directors - 2016

Council N Members

Deb Krysicki

Council President
Paul Rogan

Council Vice President
Shaun Kuter


Teresa Wojciechowski

Lake Management
Shaun Kuter

Vince Kimsal

Rob Johnson

Richard Campbell

Shaun Kuter

Paul Rogan

Zoning Officer
Barry Jacob

John G. Dean, Esq

Building Inspections

Penn Lake Borough

Borough meetings are held in the beginning of the month.  The dates and times for the meetings can be found here.  The Borough can be reached at '570 443-8017.

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Garbage Collection

Kreitzer Sanitation

Police Coverage
Please call 911 in an emergency and for any non-emergency reason call 570-443-8888

Archive:  Starting Friday May 21, 2010, Penn Lake will be patrolled by White Haven Police Department.  Coverage is 7 hours a week.  The contract is month-to-month and can be cancelled with 10 days notice at any time.  If the Police were called for an emergency and the 7 hours were up, the Police Department will respond immediately.  It will cost Penn Lake $15,000 per year for coverage, which comes to $1250 per month.  Broken down, the cost for each home owner is approximately $5.

Instructions for Septic Systems / Grinder Pumps

Click here for User Instructions for Septic Systems / Grinder Pumps

Flood Insurance Map
The Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map for Penn Lake Park Borough will become effective in the Spring of 2012, with the exact date pending notification from FEMA. There is a net increase of approximately 78 properties that will be included within the 100 Year Flood Plain which were not under the current Flood Insurance Rate Map that was published in 1980. You are encouraged to examine this Map in relationship to your property.

The most of land surrounding the Lake is classified as an A Zone.  Click here for the FEMA publication that provides information regarding properties classified as being located in an A Zone.

Have you received a letter stating that your property is in a flood zone? 

If you need to view the FEMA flood map, it may be found using FEMA's Map Search feature.  Note that when viewing the flood map containing your property, the location of your address will not be pinpointed on the flood map.  If you require assistance with this tool, please contact the MSC Customer Service Department at '877-336-2627.  For more information about FEMA's Map Service Center, just click here. To view flood maps using Google Earth, go here.

Need a Recycling Can?

Recycling cans can be picked up from the Penn Lake Borough for $5 per can.  If you need one, please call '570-443-8017 and leave a message.  Someone on the Borough Council will get your message.

Monitoring for E Coli

For the protection of the community and to abide by state regulations, the Penn Lake Borough samples the lake each month for the presence of E Coli.  Click here for more information and sampling data.



Penn Lake Park Borough
PO Box 14
White Haven, PA 18661










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Comprehensive Plan

Cover Page

Chapter 1 - Regional Setting and Historical Background

Chapter 2 - Community Survey

Chapter 3 - Goals and Objectives

Chapter 4 - Population Element

Chapter 5 - Housing Element

Chapter 6 - Economic and Social Element

Chapter 7 - Land Use Element

Chapter 8 - Growing Greener

Chapter 9 -
Environmental Advisory Council

Chapter 10 - Lake Related Issues

Chapter 11 - Community Facilities

Chapter 12 - Transportation



Borough Meeting Minutes
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           2019 Minutes          
images/01r001.gifJanuary 2019
images/01r001.gifFebruary 2019
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images/01r001.gifOctober 2019
images/01r001.gifNovember 2019

2018 Minutes
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images/01r001.gifFebruary 2018
images/01r001.gifMarch 2018
images/01r001.gifApril 2018
images/01r001.gifMay 2018 
images/01r001.gifJune 2018
images/01r001.gifJuly 2018
images/01r001.gifAugust 2018
images/01r001.gifSeptember 2018
images/01r001.gifOctober 2018
images/01r001.gifNovember 2018
images/01r001.gifDecember 2018

2017 Minutes
images/01r001.gifDecember 21
images/01r001.gifNovember 9
images/01r001.gifOctober 12
images/01r001.gifSeptember 14
images/01r001.gifAugust 9
images/01r001.gifJuly 9
images/01r001.gifJune 8
images/01r001.gifMay 11
images/01r001.gifApril 12
images/01r001.gifMarch 12
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2016 Minutes
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November 10
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2015 Minutes
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arrowJanuary 8

2014 Minutes
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arrowJanuary 9

2013 Minutes

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arrowOctober 16
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arrowAugust 8
arrowJuly - see Aug 8 minutes 
arrowJune - see Aug 8 minutes
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arrowMarch 14
arrowFebruary - Not Available
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